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Sonko kicks boda bodas out of CBD

Bodaboda riders at the junction of Kirinyaga

Nairobi County government has banned boda boda riders from the city centre.

According to a gazette notice published yesterday in one of the local dailies, the riders will no longer access the central business district except for the ones offering courier services.

“Pursuant to the provisions of the Traffic Act CAP 403 of 2014 of the Laws of the Republic of Kenya, the county government of Nairobi wishes to inform all motorcycle operators ferrying passengers to and from the CBD that such activities have been banned with immediate effect,” the notice by acting County Secretary Leboo Morintat read in part.


The notice warns of hefty fines, arrest and long jail terms for riders found contravening the directive.

“Any operator and passenger found contravening this law will be arrested for an offence punishable by hefty fines and long jail terms as provided for in the Traffic Act, 2014,” states the notice.

Director of operations at Nairobi City Inspectorate Department Peter Mbaya said the directive is already in force and warned the riders covered in the notice not to flout the rule.
Parking lots

Mr Mbaya said the county had not assigned parking lots in the CBD. The official said the riders were rogue and do not respect traffic rules. He added that many cases have been reported of criminals using motorcycles to flee after committing crimes.


“Some of these boda boda riders work with gangsters and organise crimes. We cannot risk allowing them to continue operating within the CBD,” said Mr Mbaya.

The ban comes amid increased mugging in the city centre.

Hatika Road, KTDA along Moi Avenue, Temple Road, Railways Terminus along Haile Selassie Avenue and Landhies Road have been labelled hotspots, where the muggers have been robbing unsuspecting citizens of their valuables ranging from jewelry, money to even wigs and weaves

The increased insecurity prompted Governor Mike Sonko to establish an anti-mugging squad aimed at reining on the vice within the city centre.

The unit quickly moved into action since its formation on Sunday. It has mainly been targeting hawkers, street children and boda boda operators.

Already, more than 20 people have been arrested by the squad and are set to be arraigned in court, while at least five others have been shot by police after being caught stealing from citizens.



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